Perfume Pod is excellent for carrying disinfectants!

We have a Perfume Pod atomizer whose main task is to perfume and refresh while on the go. The Perfume Pod also provides disinfection and protection. In our daily activities, we encounter many situations that require cleanliness and hygiene. Furthermore, highly populated areas often have higher accumulations of fungi, viruses, and bacteria, making it easy to catch a virus or a cold.

It is not always enough to wash your hands afterwards, and it may not even be possible to wash hands. It is safer to protect yourself from getting infected right there to feel clean and safe. This is an easy thing with the Perfume Pod atomizer as it is unobtrusive. All you need to do is fill the atomizer with a disinfectant and use it when needed.

This is important for children and adults, especially when using public transport, while in school, doctor’s office, and other crowded facilities. In place of a large bottle, the mini atomizer comes in handy as it has the correct volume for a dose as per your daily requirement. It is easy to refill at home using Genie-S refill technology. After that, there is no need to keep worrying about your health; protection and hygiene are a daily requirement.

Guard yourself Against Risks

There are risks of infection in every aspect of everyday life. This is not a situation solely reserved for the pandemic, it is also applicable to general conditions. Simple things such as escalators, bannisters, door handles, and other similar surfaces are a haven for fungi, germs, and bacteria that are swiftly carried on your hands or your clothes. Therefore, it is crucial to disinfect yourself after shopping in a supermarket or when using public transport. This is not only a situation during the corona situation; it typically increases personal hygiene. The Perfume Pod gives you protection whenever and wherever you need it. This is most useful if there is nowhere to wash your hands. When exposed to bacteria, smaller wounds may get infected. Besides, colds and flu viruses lurk everywhere, more so in places with many people on the move and during the cold seasons. It is impossible to avoid taking a train or the bus, avoid touching surfaces used by other people, or be in the office’s company. Due to this, protect yourself against bacteria and viruses by carrying a disinfectant in our Perfume Pod atomiser and ensure that you have it in the right quantity.

Always carry the Perfume Pod in your bag or hand, protect yourself, and freshen up wherever and whenever you need to.

Avoid Infections!

When you have been on the road for a while, you will not feel clean and fresh as you contact many people. A simple gesture, such as shaking hands, can spread a multitude of germs. They include viral pathogens, which cause infections and viral diseases, rotavirus and Nora, and bacteria.

During the corona pandemic, we’ve come to know about the droplet infection. It illustrates how fast germs can spread. A person coughs into his hands and does not wash the hands. He forgets and shakes another person’s hand infecting him in the process. This process can significantly be hastened when there is an aggressive virus making the rounds.

Generally, it is always better to entirely protect and secure yourself. A small spurt of disinfectant out of a Perfume Pod atomiser is sufficient to guarantee hygiene and simultaneously protect others from possible infection and transmission. When you do not have access to soap and water for handwashing, you should always have an atomiser while on the go. It is common to subconsciously touch your children, run your hand over your face, or shake people’s hands. Enhanced hygiene and cleanliness advance a healthy environment. This dramatically reduces the risk of infection, and more importantly, you do not drag bacteria and germs home with you after spending the day away from home.

Safe And Clean On The Road

Look after yourself when travelling, during sports, in your free time, or at work by having a disinfectant in the Perfume Pod and use it whenever you need it.

Realistic and Simple

It is sometimes not possible to carry a large disinfectant bottle around. This is where the Perfume Pod comes in handy as it is robust and small to take it anywhere easily, which makes it practical and straightforward to use.

The Perfume Pod works with almost every large disinfectant bottle with a spray head attachment. It is easy and fast to fill your Perfume Pod from your disinfectant bottle directly. This is enabled by the Genie-S refill technology to make the process simple and leak-proof.

Easy to Use

When refilling your large disinfectant, take out the atomiser’s attachment; place the Perfume Pod atomiser onto the atomiser nozzle on the large disinfectant. Afterwards, start pumping up the disinfectant through up and down movements on the Perfume Pod severally. Despite the Perfume Pod you are using; Perfume Pod CRYSTAL, Perfume Pod ICE, or Perfume Pod PURE, you will see the amount filled through the plastic to know the amount in the atomiser (do not pump in too much). Within a short time, the Perfume Pod will be filled with the disinfectant to carry it with you wherever you want. To use, take out the cap and spray as much as you need onto your hands.

Remember that the Perfume Pod is reusable where you can refill it once you’ve used up all its contents.

Be Safe and Clean on the Go