The Perfume Pod is a stylish and high-quality atomizer that is just as suitable for everyday use as it is for special occasions. It fits in every pocket since it is light and slim. It is particularly air-impermeable and always ready to hand. It doesn’t take up more space than a lipstick or comparable cosmetic item.
The Perfume Pod offers the most reliable and safest refillable experience ever. With our patented refill technology, the Perfume Pod is refilled quickly and easily from any standard fragrance bottle or any large disinfection bottle (with spray head attachment) in a matter of seconds. There is no deterioration in the fragrance, and the Perfume Pod sprays a fine mist via the HD spray head. The spray is distributed evenly on the skin.
The material of the perfume pod does not consist of glass. It is advantageous due to being robust and stable. Whether with the Perfume Pod PURE, Perfume Pod ICE, or Perfume Pod Crystal, the shape and size allow you to carry it with you on all occasions. It may be in your pocket, handbag, coat, hand luggage, or backpack so that you can use the Perfume Pod with everyone. It is comfortable to have during the day and also when traveling. It serves to be your favorite fragrance, your disinfectant, or both.
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Your favorite fragrance always with you

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Clean and safe on the road

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Remove the spray head from your large fragrance or disinfection bottle.
Inflate, done!

Leak-proof and glass-free. The Perfume Pod protects your fragrance or disinfectant and gives you the peace of mind that you will always have it ready, no matter when you need it.

It is light, small, strong, and durable. The Perfume Pod consists of aircraft aluminum and impact-resistant plastic. Air travel authorities have approved it for hand luggage on air travel.

It consists of an HD – high definition spray head. The Perfume Pod sprays up to 75 times per refill with a perfect mist/spray experience.